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Get UP To 7x More Google Traffic And 2x More Profit With These 3 Cool Platinum Feature Package

Turn Authority Site Into SUPER Authority Sites..

Congratulations, now you have secured a ready-to-profit Smartphone WP News Site.. and it only takes less than 5 minutes to make it up and running ready to generate Amazon/Clickbank/Adsense profits for you.

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Platinum Feature #1

20+ More DFY Smartphone Specification Posts

The default version comes preloaded with over 25+ popular smartphone specification, while the Platinum Pack gives 20+ more popular smartphone specifications - so your WP site will be LOADED with 50+ popular smartphone specifications posts.

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Every device specs comes with Phone Description, Phone Image and Detailed Specification. You'll save 3-4 working hours from having to research all of them yourself.

Platinum Feature #2

Amazon Affiliate Button On Every Phone Specs

Every smartphone specification post on your WP site will have a cool button that redirects people to Amazon link with your affiliate ID - and the best part? No API Key needed, simply enter your Amazon affiliate ID -> choose Amazon locale (US, UK or DE) and you're good to go!

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Platinum Feature #3

1-Click Amazon Store Section

Would you like to have a Store section on your WP site that allows you to profit from Amazon Affiliate Program? Then with this Platinum Feature it only takes 1-click to create this Store Section.. +PLUS Amazon API Key is not needed too!

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Turn Authority Site Into SUPER Authority Sites..

"By Having These 3 Extra Features, Your Phone Specs WP Site Will Go From 'Just Another Authority Niche Site' Into A SUPER Authority Niche Site"

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Developer License Included - REGULAR PRICE $67...

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Yes, because you don't need to spend 3-4 hours of more working time researching 20+ more phone specifications one-by-one, no need to search for phone description and phone images - ALL have been done for you.

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FAQs and Answer

Q: Is The Platinum A Plugin Or What?
A: It is a package of XML file for the 20+ DFY phone specs and a WP plugin for the Amazon section and store.

Q: How Come the Amazon Button and Store Don't Require API/Access Key?
A: Because like many marketers, we don't like the Amazon API v5 which requires SSL, do not provide item features and demands affiliate to have 3 sales first. So we use our own Amazon custom code.

Q: What Amazon Country Is Supported?
A: Currently we provide an option for you to use Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.

Q: What Is Your Refund Policy
A: Please note that there is no trial, after the product is accessed then all sales is final. All the scripts are coded with WordPress coding standard and using WP native features, moreover the WP plugin included comes with 1-click automatic updates so you can get updates automatically inside your WP admin dashboard.

Q: Can I Use The Platinum Upgrade Without The Main Package?
A: No, the Platinum package requires ArenaPhone main package to be installed. So it's not a standalone package.

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