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From the desk of Leo (BCBiz)

Subject: Profit from the multibillion sport niche
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Hey fellow online entrepreneur,

Did you know that NBA league is a huge lucrative niche with millions of FANS around the world..

Soaring local media deals, new arenas and basketball's international popularity continue to push NBA on the top 3 hottest sports league right now.

According to a report on Forbes in 2019, the average NBA team is worth $1.9 billion, up 13% over last year and three times the level of five years ago...

Image - NBA Stats

NBA games are now available in 215 countries, and the league is littered with players from around the globe!

And as an online marketer, there are tons of NBA related products that you can make profit with from Amazon - YES things like players shirt, NBA related games, apparels, etc. are sought-after by thousands of people everyday:

Image - Amazon

And beside Basketball/NBA, there are also TWO BIG lucrative sport niche with millions of ready-to-buy fans around the WORLD.

Can you guess what they are?

Yes correct, they are NFL aka American football and of course Soccer.

Today, the NFL is considered 1 of the most popular sports league worldwide with over 200 million global viewers watch the Super Bowl every year.

Image - NFL Stats

And how about Soccer?

Well, more than four out of 10 people consider themselves soccer fans, making the game the world’s most popular sport!

In a Nielsen survey that spanned 18 global markets, 43 percent of people said they were “interested” or “very interested” in the sport. Basketball, with 36 percent, is No. 2.

Image - Soccer Stats

And just like basketball, NFL and Soccer niche also have tons of products you can profit with from Amazon: NFL cards, rings, soccer apparels, players shirts, team shirts and many more!

If You Are An Online Marketer, You Should Be Taking Advantage Of These Three HUGE Sport Market..

You should, otherwise you'd be leaving the money on the table!

Everyday millions of sport fans are LURKING the Internet for the latest news updates..

+PLUS news websites tend to be ranked HIGHER by Google..

Yes Google loves news sites and they tend to get ranked higher - so your WP News Site can get tons of free Google traffic whenever big sport events occur!

Image - News Traffic

But there is just ONE problem..

Building a complete WP niche site could take 3-4 days to complete.
And that's just for a regular WP niche site!

What if you want to build WP news site?

Because Here's the Fact:

News website needs to have 10-15 articles posted EVERY DAY.

Imagine how many hours gone by if you'd do it manually!

So how would you like to skip all the hassle of building a money-making WP Sport News Site and instantly monetize your news site with Amazon affiliate product - without Amazon API Keys needed!

INTRODUCING: 100% Automated WP Sport Affiliate News Site

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  • NO NEED TO buy extra premium WP news theme your affiliate news sites
  • NO NEED TO pay for expensive content writers for content
  • NO NEED TO spend 3-4 hours working to post 10+ news articles everyday

FINALLY.. The Perfect Automated Sport News WP Site Package That Removes All The Hassle Works So You Can Make Profit Faster:

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Fresh News Articles On 100% Autopilot

News sites need to post 10, 15 or even 20+ news articles everyday.. Imagine how many hours gone by if you'd do it manually. With this DFY Package all of your three WP news sites will continue to post fresh news articles everyday automatically.

Earn Commissions From Amazon Products On Every News Articles (no API needed)

Every news articles on your WP sites will be monetized with related Amazon products - and the best part? Amazon API Key is NOT needed to display these related Amazon products automatically.

Image - Sport News WP Blog

Image - Sport News WP Blog

Install & 100% Up Within Minutes

Hate complicated installation? So DO WE.. And that's why we've made the site installation quick, fast and easy. If you can install a WordPress plugin then you sure can install this DFY site package in just about 1-minute.

Premium WP News Theme Included

A good WP news theme could cost anywhere from $27 - $47. But you don't need to buy extra WordPress theme because we've included a premium WP News Theme with gorgeous and 100% responsive design.

Image - Sport News WP Blog

Image - Sport News WP Blog

Legal Pages Ready, Easy to Customize and Many More!

Legal pages are preloaded +PLUS you can customize the news site with your own site logo, change color schemes and more easily from the Theme Customizer option.

Yes! Within Minutes From Now You Can Have Your THREE Sport News WP Affiliate Site Live, Up & Running Without Complicated Setup!

(skip hours of working time to build automated WP news sites yourself!)

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  • Three "done for you" 100% automated affiliate news site: NBA News WP Site, NFL News WP Site + Soccer News WP Site
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It's Extremely Fast & Easy For You To Start Using These "Self-Updating Sport News WP Site" Package Even If You've Never Use WordPress Before!

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Niche Bloggers

Stop building unfounded niche site and start using this Proven Engaging, clean and pro-designed Sport News WP Site Package!

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Start making money through built-in Amazon products on every news article, add Adsense ads, Clickbank banners, and more!

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Website Flippers

It's a chance for you to make a quick buck flipping this WP Travel Site because Commercial License is included! Sell/flip your site on Flippa for at least $100+ per website and if you sell just 5 sites per month, that means you’ll bank $500+ profit easily just by the small investment you make today.

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FAQs + Answers

Q : Do I Need A Domain Name For This Site?

A : Yes, except you want to build the site on a subdomain EG: nbanews.yourdomain.com. Please note that NBA and NFL is a registered trademark so avoid using that phrase when buying a domain.

Q : Can I Install the Site Package On My Existing WP Site?

A : ONLY if you intend to convert the site into a new WP news site. This site package will create a brand new website upon your existing WP site, therefore we recommend to install it on a fresh WP site.

Q : Can I Install the Site Package For My Clients?

A : Sure you can! Developer/Commercial License is included with your purchase and you can use the site package on unlimited sites.

Q : What Is The Hosting Requirement?

A : All cPanel based hosting that supports PHP 7+ and WordPress 5.4+ except: BlueHost shared hosting, GoDaddy shared hosting, Hostgator shared hosting and 3For1Hosting/10xHosting (because their shared hosting resources are too low to cope with autoblogs).

Q : How Do I Access My Purchase After Payment?

A : You can access your purchase at anytime through JVZoo here: https://www.jvzoo.com/portal.

Q : I'm Not A WP Expert, How Easy Is The Installation?

A : No worries, the site installation is similar to installing a WordPress plugin! Full tutorial is included too.

Q : What Is Your Refund Policy?

A : You are covered by our 30-days money back guarantee when you haven't downloaded the site package at all. Due to the nature of the item, then after the item is used/downloaded then sale is final.

Q : Is There Any PRO version or Upgrade version?

A : No, what you see here is what you'll get! No PRO version, Platinum version or whatsoever offered as an OTO or Upgrade. What you see here is what you get +PLUS product updates will be free too.

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See you on the members area my friend! 🙂
Leo (BCBiz)
Leo (BCBiz)

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