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Thank you for your purchase! Please note that Google kinda have a reputation of disabling account for unobvious reason (GDrive, Google Adsense, etc). So it is advisable to use your GDrive account as a 2nd or 3rd backup storage. We have a 5-years guarantee, so if for any reasons any of your account gets disabled by Google, we can create another one for you.

STEP #1 :

Visit our customer desk at

STEP #2 :

Create a new ticket with these details below..

Related Topic: Other Products
Ticket Subject: GStoreDrive Customer

Then on the Description field please enter:

[+] Username For Your G-Drive Account (eg: leo1987)
[+] First Name and Last Name
[+] Recovery Email (will be used in case you forgot your G-Drive password)

STEP #3 :

Wait for our reply as we will create your G-Drive account very soon!

NOTE: If you buy GStoreDrive for your friends, relatives, etc. then be sure to put their First and Last name so they will feel more special 🙂

STEP #4 :

You will be asked to Change Password when you login at the first time:
Image - Password

After logged in successfully, you can start uploading files to your Google Drive account. Please check out the FAQs section above for the best use of file upload and file sharing.

Account Security
Change the default password once you access your GDrive account, this is for security reason so not even us can access your GDrive account.

Here are some features you get:

[+] Login through
[+] You’ll be asked to Change Password when you login at the first time
[+] You can Change Password at anytime
[+] You can set Recovery Email or phone number in case you forgot your password
[+] You get the same all features of Google Drive features

Here are some restrictions:

[+]To avoid “Suspicious Activity” warning by Google, it’s recommended not to upload multiple files higher than 1GB in the first week
[+] You can’t use your GDrive account to host threat files (malware, etc)
[+] You can’t use your GDrive account share/distribute copyrighted or infringing
files (movies, MP3, etc)
[+] All other restrictions can be found here:

Copyrighted or Infringing Files Materials

You can try to upload and store copyrighted movies, MP3, etc but very often Google will block the upload process.

If anyhow you manage to upload that kind of file, you can’t share/distribute those files in any terms. Doing so may get your GDrive account be terminated not by us but by Google themselves.

Adult Content Materials

You can store adult materials but never share/distribute them.
Read more here:

As promised, here’s your free access to our backlink builder cloud-app software:

IMPORTANT: On the Registration Form, please enter your GStoreDrive JVZoo transaction ID on the “JVZoo Transaction ID” field (something like AP-1234567890).


#1: If after login to GDrive you find it's showing up not in English language, visit this link and select your preferred language.

#2: To transfer files between Google Drive account:
By using the above way, you don't have to download files from your existing Google Drive account then upload it to your lifetime Google Drive account 🙂

If you prefer the manual way, here's the how-to:

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