Download WP Crypto Suite

Image - LeoHey my fellow online entrepreneur!

Congrats for purchasing WP Crypto Site Builder bundle. I've built similar news sites like this and it's been amazing! Got around $15-$20 per day thru Google Adsense and also $120 so far because someone purchased 6 guest posts.

Hopefully you'll get more profit than me! 🙂

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Download WP Crypto Suite

* after download, unzip/extract the file *

The first step is to get a domain name for your Crypto site.

My recommendation: get a domain name that is more into branding instead of exact-match domain.

For example: instead of or similiar, try to get domain name like,,, etc.

Once you got a domain name, then continue with the Installation Tutorial (click the download link above and unzip the file, you'll find the installation tutorial URL there).

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Thank you & have a good one!
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