WP4Aviation DFY Site Tutorial

STEP #1:
Install WordPress on your domain

STEP #2:
Install these two plugins to your WP site from Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
All In One WP Migration Plugin
All In One WP Migration File Extension.

STEP #3:
Activate both of those plugins.

STEP #4:
On your WP site dashboard, visit All-In-One WP Migration menu -> Import

STEP #5:
Import the WP4Aviation .wpress file (drag the file to the upload section)
Image - Tuts

Click Proceed until the import and file installation finish.

STEP #7:
Once the file installation is completed, visit any link on your WP Admin dashboard. You will then be asked to relogin.

To relogin, use these credentials -> Username: wp4aviation Password: wp4aviationadmin

Installation is completed! Now you can customize the site.

STEP #1 :
*IMPORTANT* Go to Users menu -> Your Profile. Then change the default WP email address to your own email address.

After that visit your email inbox and confirm your email.

STEP #2:
*IMPORTANT* Go to Settings menu -> General. Then change the default WP email address to your own email address.

After that visit your email inbox and confirm your email.

STEP #3:
Visit WP Automatic menu -> Settings.

STEP #4:
Locate the Ads Settings, and find this code: amzn_assoc_tracking_id = “yourid-20”;
Image - Tuts

Replace yourid-20 with your own Amazon associate ID, both for the Top Ad Code and Bottom Ad Code.

Then hit Save Changes.

STEP #5:
Visit WP Automatic menu -> All Campaigns.

STEP #6:
Edit all campaigns, then set it to Publish.
Image - Tuts

1.) WP Automatic requires Purchase Code to autopost article.
2.) New posts don’t show Image on Homepage.
1) Download the latest version here:

2) Visit WP Admin -> Plugins, then deactivate WP Automatic from there
3) Delete WP Automatic plugin
4) Install and activate the latest version above from Plugins -> Add New -> Upload

Problem: The Automatic Video Post Campaign doesn’t post video any longer?
Answer: From WP Admin visit WP Automatic menu -> Settings. Then on Youtube Settings, replace the existing API Key with these:


Each API Key gives 100 daily searches, if request get throttled then it means the limit has reached. Try to create your own API Keys from this tutorial:

After installation, my website doesn’t have featured post on the homepage?

Head over to Post -> All Post. Edit the post you want to be featured, then select the “Featured This Post on Homepage” option. Then go to Appearance -> Customize, then enable the “Display featured content on homepage” option.

I want to change site logo, colors, etc?

Simple! Visit Appearance menu -> Theme Options. Then you can change site logo, customize the site options, colors and many more.

How to add Advertisement on Header?

From WP Admin visit Appearance menu -> Widgets-> Header Advertisement and >> Add Widget. Then visit Appearance menu -> Customize, select Widgets -> Header Advertisement -> then add your banner/advertisement on the field.