WP Envatio Plugin Tutorial


Download WP Envatio Plugin Here

Then head over to your WP Admin dashboard and visit Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. After that upload the plugin to your WP site and activate the plugin.


Once the plugin is activated, head over to Appearance -> Widgets.

And you will see AffiliCanyonCode / AffiliVidHive / AffiliRiverGraphic widgets there. Simply drag & drop that widget to your Sidebar widget or Footer widget.

Image - Screenshot

For “Select Items From” option, we recommend to choose Popular Items or Latest Items.

For “Envato API token” option, you can generate your API token from this link: https://build.envato.com/create-token/

(note: the API page above is accessible when you are logged in to your Envato account, if you haven’t had an account at Envato then sign up there for free)

When creating the token, follow this recommendation:
Image - Tutorial

Once the token is created, the plugin can now display items accordingly. Remember to change the default REFERRAL with your own Envato Username:
Image - Tutorial

STEP #1:

In order for you to earn commission from items displayed by WP Envatio plugin, you will need to join Envato and their affiliate program.

So first, if you haven’t then create an Envato account here:

Once you have an account at Envato, join their Affiliate Program here:

Then for now, wait until your Affiliate Account is approved.

STEP #2:

Once you have an account at Impact and Envato Marketplace then you should connect/link both of them through this link: https://affiliates.envato.com/media_partners/new

On that page you will need to enter your Impact Affiliate ID and your email address registered at Impact.

You can find your Impact Partner ID from the dashboard:

Image - Tutorial

Once they are linked, then any of your Envato URL that has ?ref=your-username will be tracked inside Impact (because Envato use Impact for their Affiliate Program)

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Thank you & have a good one!
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